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Seasonal Fruits

Eat a fruit every time you have a growling stomach. It's the healthiest substitute for a snack as it is packed with nutrition and can actually boost your metabolism. There are the variety of fruits present throughout the year offering loads of nutrition packed in different flavors. Binging on fruits is especially helpful when you are trying to lose weight or are on a  weight loss diet. Seasonal fruits then become ideal in-between meal snacks. Fruits contain phytochemicals and antioxidants help fight free radicals and diseases in the body.

Some Summer Seasonal Fruits:

Water Melon: Though it is sweet but the high amount of water and fiber lessen the calories present in it. It is refreshing and reduces body temperature, blood pressure, inflammation, and many other health conditions. It has the highest concentration of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which improves heart health. It contains vitamin, A, C and B and minerals like potassium, calcium and is fat-free.

Mangoes: You could eat a small sized mango before a workout as it is high is carbohydrates but with a low glycemic index. vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium along with phenolic compounds are present in mangoes. It is rich in minerals and has high anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties. Check the portion control while eating mangoes for weight loss.

Alphonso Mango (Ratnagiri/Devgad) / हापूस आंबा
₹300.00 ₹249.00 6 pcs (appx. 1200-1400g)
Apple-Kashmir / सफरचंद - कश्मिरी
₹149.43 ₹130.00 4 pcs
₹50.00 250 g
Grapes-Black / काळी द्राक्षे
₹86.96 ₹80.00 500 g
Grapes-Green / हिरवी द्राक्षे
₹61.11 ₹55.00 500 g
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