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Seasonal Vegetables

Eating seasonally changes the way you eat, so you'll be having mangoes and berries in summer and brussels sprouts and cabbage in winter.

"Leafy greens are best in the spring. The broccoli ‘flower’ and tomato ‘fruit’ are best in summer," argues Eating Seasonally for Better Nutrition and A Better World.

"Pumpkin and other root vegetables contain large amounts of stored nutrients for [autumn] and winter." 

But it's not so much eating certain foods at certain times of year that brings the health benefits – it's the fact that when produce is left to mature on the plant, its nutrition is enhanced.

In particular, it's the flavonoids that are in higher concentrations in fresher produce.

"Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds that protect the plant against environmental stressors." 

"A high consumption of flavonoids is linked with protection against a lot of chronic diseases, like cardiovascular disease and dementia."

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