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Banana - Robusta/ केळी-रोबस्ता

Banana - Robusta/ केळी-रोबस्ता

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    Product Code: Banana - Robusta/ केळी-रोबस्ता

    Banana Premium Robusta are also called as Cavendish bananas. They are large in size and are green colored when unripe and turn to yellow when ripe. Along with the ripening process, the starches in the fruit turn into sugars making it more sweeter. When it reaches the final stage brown / black sugar spots develop on the fruit and it is at its sweetest. The fruits of the Robusta bananas are eaten raw, used in baking, fruit salads, fruit compotes, and to complement foods. Each 100 g of serving of banana robusta provides 89 calories of energy. They are an extremely rich source of potassium with traces of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. In fact, they are rich in carbohydrate and dietary fiber.

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