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Beans - Cluster / गवार

Beans - Cluster / गवार

₹25.00 ₹19.00 250 g
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    Product Code: Beans - Cluster / गवार

    The cluster beans are abundant in proteins, minerals & vitamins along with dietary fibers. These are not only seen lower in calories but they are extremely great at decreasing the blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol levels.

    Benefits: It is a low glycemic index food which is preferable over high glycemic index foods. Because of the existence of glyconutrients, cluster beans help us to control glucose levels and, therefore helps prevent diabetic issues.Cluster beans in additionally regarded as heart-healthy food which helps in reducing cholesterol. The existence fo phosphorus and calcium in cluster beans enhance our bone health. It leads to better blood circulation. Cluster Beans are good for pregnant women as it abundant in folic acid is the reason for numerous birth problems as well as other issues in pregnancy.

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