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Mango - Pairi / पायरी

Mango - Pairi / पायरी

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    Product Code: Mango - Pairi / पायरी

    Pairi is the Aamras (or mango pulp) mango. It has green skin, yolk-yellow flesh, and is very easy to juice. By rolling it gently between your palms, and pulling on the juice through the stem end once it has been cut open and any surrounding sap has been wiped away. 

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    Benefits: Prevents anemia, Support fetus development, Fights cancer, Strengthens digestion system, Prevents heart disease, Cleanses skin, Maintains Healthy Hair, Regulates body fluid, Relieves kidney problem, Reduces fever, Optimizes brain function, Anti-inflammatory property, Improves eye health, etc.The other health benefits of mango are:

    -Optimizes nervous system

    -regulates muscle contraction

    -strengthen bones

    -prevents stroke

    -alkalize the body

    -Relieves respiratory problems

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